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in Auckland!

We’re here! We were a little sweaty and grimy and had spinning heads for the first part of the day, but by almost 5:00 PM, we’re feeling pretty good.

We landed at 5:30, were in the Customs line for over an hour, and finally had a little breakfast in our bellies and our rental car by, like, 9:00. I managed to get us from the airport to our hotel in the north part of Auckland. It’s a clean enough place. We’re about two blocks from Sky City, so after we cleaned up a bit, we went over there and walked around and had a snack. We’ll go back there tomorrow at 1:00 for lunch.

Driving on the left side of the road and in the right side of the car is only mildly weird. Mostly I just have to think harder when I’m making turns. I also had to park in the swishiest little space in the hotel garage (or car park, as they call it here).

I’m loving this adventure and loving spending the time with my mom.

More later!