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How to use this site

Some of you might have been involved with blogs much like this one (probably also usingWordPress), but knowing that some have not, a bit of instruction follows.

When you register, you become a subscriber. You can set up a profile and other goodies, and are limited to reading and commenting on my blogs.

To get around this site, look to the sidebar, which, funny enough, is to the side of your screen. In this case, look to your right. …Yes, your right as you face your computer screen. In this sidebar are links to my photos and photo albums, to various pages within this site, some links that might be of interest, a list of categories used for my blog, a simple search function, an archives list, and an RSS feed link.

• Photos & Photo Albums: Photo ablums are separate pages into which I have grouped particular photos. For example, if you click on the Yosemite Winter ‘04 link, you will see photos from a trip the boys I took to Yosemite during our visit to the cabin that winter. Within each photo album, you can click on pictures to view a larger version. Remember to look at the bottom of my posts for a mention of corresponding photos.

• Links: That’s just what they are, links that might offer something of interest.

• Categories: Each of my postings is assigned a category describing the main content. If you click on one of the categories, you should get a list of all the blogs that fall under that heading.

• Search: A very simple search function that will create a page with all posts that include the search criteria.

• Archives: Older posted are saved here, obviously by month.

• RSS Feed: Stands for Really Simple Syndication, a method by which Web page content can be sent to varous devicies, including your desktop. If you don’t know much about it, you can find a lot of good info through a search engine. These links provide the page to which you would point your RSS software.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me. Thanks!