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Calif. DFG Driving Directions

Below are links to pages that contain amazingly detailed driving directions to various rivers, streams, creeks, lakes, ponds, reservoirs, forebays, afterbays and lagoons throughout California. I picked this up in an edition of Tracks Magazine, which is a fishing and hunting publications from the California Department of Fish & Game. Why would the DFG publish this? I don’t know. I have speculated, however, that perhaps this was compiled from an internal document used to provide directions to the drivers of the DFG’s planting trucks. What do you think?

The upshot is that – from what I have so far seen by visiting some of these locations – these directions might be able to get an unfamiliar visitor to some new or rumored fishing spots.

PLEASE NOTE: These lists appear to follow old district nomenclature, so you might have to dig around for your area. Also, I cannot vouch for the accuracy of these lists, so please use with discretion and at your own risk. (And take your GPS with you!)

And now, The Links:

Sierra District Rivers, Streams & Creeks
Sierra District Lakes, Ponds & Reservoirs
North Central District Rivers, Streams & Creeks


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