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Sean’s Stats/Season to Date

The below is from MaxPreps…

Sean Konoske #41
Position: FB, LB    Height: 6’0″    Weight: 200 lbs.    Class: Senior
 Defensive Statistic Definitions
Tackles Tackles Assists Total Tackles/Game
Season Totals 24 14 38 7.6
Sacks Sacks Sacks/Game
Season Totals 1.0 .2
  Game by Game Tackles Sacks
Date Opponent Result Tck Ast Tot Sak
9/8/2006 American W 15-6 4 1 5  
9/15/2006 Tokay W 34-27 4 3 7 1
9/22/2006 Armijo W 10-9 6 3 9  
9/29/2006 St. Patrick/St. Vincent W 34-28 6 3 9  
10/6/2006 Fairfield L 20-27 4 4 8  

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rodriguez@benicia (36-18)

As you can see from the score, it was an ugly game Friday. But what you can’t see is Sean’s strong individual effort. In my humble opinion, the Panthers’ defense was there and ready to go, but it took at least a quarter before the offense was warmed up. The Rodriguez Mustangs, however, came out strong, scored quickly and effectively shut down two of Benicia’s best offensive players. Sean did have one carry for 2 yards and played on offense quite a bit this game, but it was on defense that he once again came up with several good stops, as well as forcing a fumble. It was good to him feeling and knowing that he put in a strong personal effort, even if this one didn’t go into the win column.

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a boy and his (first) car

Chris' First Car

Chris’ Celica

Chris got his first car this weekend. He had begun to search Craigslist about a month or so ago, about the time he started working at Safeway. Though I had thought he’d want to wait longer, he was itching to get “something to work on,” even though he had yet to get his drivers license. So, we started looking. I couldn’t not believe what people tried to pawn off as “decent” or “good” cars within Chris’ price range. We look at one 1974 Toyota Corrolla that we should have been paid to take away! Then there was the 1990 Honda CRX in Pittsburg that had oil leaks, bondo over an entire front fender panel, cracked CV joint boots, suspicious wear on rear tire, a check engine light that was always on, and a non-working speedometer…and that’s only what I saw. But on a lark, we drove a bit further to Antioch after talking on the phone to the seller of a 1978 Toyota Celica GT (Chris adds more specifically that it’s an RA42 GT.) Apparently it was originally purchased by the father of the seller and has remained in the family since his passing four years ago. Sure, it looks like a 28-year-old car, but is in good shape and with a new carburetor, alternator, clutch, rear end, radiator, water pump and tires. (And everything except the radio is original…it even came with the original owner’s manual and window sticker!) Sure, Chris will have to put some work into the interior, and there a few things I’ve specified need to be fixed before he can drive it daily (including getting his license), but I think he found a good first car for a good price.

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benicia@hogan (20-6)

It was a clash of defenses Friday night, with the Benicia Panthers taking on the Hogan Spartans. Unfortunately, defense alone can’t win a championship. But it can sure help a team along. The Panthers forced five turnovers, with Sean in on forcing one fumble that put his team in Spartan territory. Best of all, Sean finished the game without an injury to his shoulder! (He also had about the normal number of tackles, which is quite a few.) Because he didn’t participate in contact during practice, he didn’t start the game, but it wasn’t too long before the coach put him in. He and his defense — he’s a captain — did a great job of not only keeping Hogan from scoring, but in putting the Benicia offense in position to score. In the end, Benicia won 20-6, but it was a tough offense game for the Panthers. Next week, Sean will go head-to-head with his step brother as Rodriguez takes on Benicia at home.


another fishing tale

Guess I’m getting to know the fishing grounds of the Eastern Sierra. I’m no expert, but any means, but I passed what I know to a co-worker and he ended up enjoying a fishing trip to the “Eastside.” This tale is excerpted below:

…we released everything we caught. The Walker is very low at this point. There were a couple of sizeable pools right by the campground, but those two were the only ones we really found, at least at the West Walker. I caught four 10-12 inch rainbows at those pools with a small, black Panther Martin.

We tried a couple of other spots with no luck, but finally had some solid bites on powerbait at the lower Twin Lake. I caught three decent-size rainbows at the lake.

The most exciting, however, was the East Walker in Bridgeport. The East was very low as well, but I found a pool about four feet deep downtown. I saw a few small fish hovering at the surface, and on the first cast (a small gold spinner) I saw a ferocious 12-incher chasing the lure. It bit and, voila, I had my first Brown. I ended up catching five more fish, mostly browns and one bow.”

I’d said they had a good first experience in the Eastern Sierra…

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fairfield@benicia (27-20)

Though the Panthers couldn’t sustain their winning streak, I think Benicia’s defense has every reason to be proud of their performance. The defense not only score almost half of the Panthers’ points (8 points on a touchdown and safety), but it make the Fairfield Falcons earn every point. It was a seesaw game into the half, with the score at 20-20. As usual, Sean was in the thick of it, stopping or helping to stop the run numerous times. In the end, it was a fumble by the Panthers offense with less than two minutes on the clock that sealed their fate. Unfortunately, as has happened in games before, Sean end up nursing his arm through the last quarter. After a visit to the doctor, it was determined that he’s feeling the efforts of typical football injury, commonly called “stingers” (medically referred to as brachial plexus injury). While he will attend practice, he’s supposed to stay away from contact for most of the week. Let’s hope all’s well next week, when the games begin to count!


at the other end of the state

It has been a fast two days down here in San Diego. Most of the time has been filled by the airport wait, the flight, the shuttle ride and the conference. It’s been a learning experience, that’s for sure. I do have to say it’s nice to take my walks along the edge of the San Diego Bay (I’m on Shelter Island.) during sunrise or sunset. And I did have a great dinner last night at the Bali Hai. I had meant to visit this restaurant during my last visit, but never got there. Last night, Dan, a co-worker, and I took the 30-minute (leisurely) walk to the other end of the “island,” and the Bali Hai. The restaurant is centered around a Hawaiian island theme, with windows overlooking the bay. My teriyaki scallops were cooked to perfection and Dan’s salmon Wellington looked great.  Well worth the walk. 

Two more meetings this morning and it’s back to the airport for me…