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Idle Thoughts are a Blogger’s Playground

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As I eased into Web page design nearly fifteen years ago, I had little of idea of the reach of the Internet. While I reached out to the world with my little Web site, the world – or at least a small portion of it – reached out to me. People from far off lands stumbled on to my little patch of HTML. Some liked what the saw. Some prodded me for more information on aloha shirts. (Check my Web site.)

Now, as I eased into a redesign of my Web site, I came to realize that a blog (derived from “WeB log,” btw) was a closer approximation to what I attempted to do with a Web site. So here I am. Blogging. Not that it is such a vanity anymore…guess I’m just going mainstream.

I have no illusion that my blogging will have a significant impact on the world. Rather, I look upon a blog as an external collection of memories and thoughts. I do not know where this might lead, but I’m sure that over time I’ll touch upon favorite topics: fishing, the Sierra Nevada and the foothills, travel and video games. So wish me luck as I join this fast growing electronic community.


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