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our first opening day

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What a learning experience! Chris and I approached this as more of a learning experience, and it was a good thing we did so. After getting up at oh-dark-thirty, we headed up the Lyons Canal in Twain Harte (Nick and Nathan, that’s were we have taken you fishing.) and found nothing going on, so we departed for Moccasin Creek. It’s about thirty minutes away, and because we though the only access was through a gate, we delayed our arrival until about 7:00 a.m.

We found out upon arrival that there was a trail that allowed access around the gate, and from all appearances, some folks set up prior to the 6:00 a.m. opening. Most were bait fishing right around the dam, so we headed downstream a bit. Targeting pools, Chris and I had some good strikes on spinners. A gold/red Panther Martin for me, a gold Mepps for Chris. Devin, Chris’ friend who had come with us, also had a few. Devin hooked one fish but lost it; Chris hooked quite a few and landed five. I hooked three solid fish.

Though I didn’t land any (using barbless lures for the first time), I did hook one that was probably the biggest trout I’ve ever had the opportunity to play. Using 4 lb. line, I didn’t want to be too aggressive, so had my drag set low. Then, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. The line peels off the reel as this fish takes off for one side of the stream (about 15-feet across), then back again. It did this six or seven times, then took off downstream, again taking line. Then it was upstream. I figure this went on for about four, maybe five minutes. I finally gained some ground, edge him in…four feet…three feet…and he raises his head and throws the hook. What a fight! Know I understand these folks who year after year chase after that one big fish they hooked by never landed.

Mid-morning we headed out to check a few other places, again don’t some reconnaissance for future trips. One stream had terribly limited access. We drove up to Lyons Reservoir, and while a beautiful place, the action was limited to bait. Devin hooked another fish here. We made one last visit to Lyons Canal, figuring the crowds had died down. We saw a few fish, but they were a bit cagey and the neighborhood dog wasn’t helping by jumping into the water. (Ask Chris about that.)

All in all, it was a good experience, and we gained some good knowledge that will help us in the future. And I’ll be back to Moccasin Creek looking for that bruiser…


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