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What an end to a weekend!  Not having opened the mail, I was surprised to find that I received, for the first time in my life, a summons to report for jury duty in the United States District Court, Eastern Division of California, Sacramento Division.  Somewhat of a nightmare to consider that I might be empanelled on a jury in a relatively well-known case.  (I can’t tell you which case under official admonition.)  Not looking forward to making the 62-mile drive on June 1st just to find out that I won’t be selected.  And the $40 a day will barely cover gas and food expenses, much less the stress!  We shall see how this plays out…

But the weekend was good.  Spent Saturday in “The City” with my son.  Caught lunch at the waterfront, then walked around Chinatown for the first time.  Saw some interesting sights there. I now suggest that any tourist who wants a souvenir head to Chinatown, where the same shot glass you might get for $5 at Pier 39 is $1.59 in Chinatown.  After Chinatown we headed to Sony’s Metreon to look around and play a few games.  About 4:20 p.m. we picked up Karen and it was off to St. Vincent de Paul’s church for mass, then to Tomaso’s Famous for a great dinner with my in-laws. 

Sunday was supposed to be a lazy day, but I jumped into the task of replacing all of our 18-year-old sprinkler valves (two were failing) and installing a new automatic timer.  It went better than expected, and in between I was able to sit back and relax.  Have a great week!


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