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fun book… …even if it is about bass fishing

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Fishing on the EdgeOn those days that you can’t get out to the water — at least those of us who aren’t yet leading the life of retirement — you might find some enjoyment in reading Fishing on the Edge by Mike Iaconelli. For those who’ve never inadvertently accidentally found themselves watching a bass tournament on ESPN during the early morning or late evening hours, the Philadelphia-born and New Jersey-raised Mr. Iaconelli (aka “Ike”) is one of the pro fisherman “blamed” for stealing the spotlight from BASS’ traditionally southern anglers. He weaves a whopper of a story about a college-educated kid with tattoos and a hip-hop soundtrack climbing through the ranks to take first place at the 2003 CITGO Bassmaster Classic. He has attracted both fan and foes for his antics, but one can’t slight his enthusiasm for fishing. While “attacking” bass is very different from stalking trout, Fishing on the Edge is a passionate, informative and often hilarious tale of a truly amazing personality.


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