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benicia@armijo [fairfield] (10-9)

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Another squeaker! This football game came down to the last three minutes or so, with the score at 7-9 in favor of Armijo. Armijo had the ball but couldn’t move it past the first-down marker, and rather than go for it, decided to punt into fierce winds that were a heavy influence that evening. The center hiked the ball which, caught by a sudden breeze, sailed over the head of the kicker. The kicker chased the ball down and landed on it near the 20-yard line and he was immediately smothered by few Benicia Panthers.

Taking over, Benicia tried to move the ball into the end zone. At the 2-yard line Sean got the ball for a short 1-yard gain. On a third down Benicia unsuccessfully tried to pass the ball for the score. On fourth down, with less than five seconds on the clock, Benicia’s kicker nailed the field goal and the game. Sean’s stats for the night exemplified the whole team’s strong effort: 10 tackles and at least four assists, and one field goal block! Good job all around and one heck of a game!


One thought on “benicia@armijo [fairfield] (10-9)

  1. That reminds me of when we’d go see Kris quarterback for Montgomery High School. That’s how I got to learn about the game of football. Good Luck to the team.

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