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If the first three games of the BHS Panters’ football season are any indication of how the rest of the season will turn out, most fans will be without fingernails in November… AGAIN, the game was a squeaker! The defensive lines of both teams were nearly evenly matched, especially during the second half. The ball was turned over both on fourth downs and by punts by both the Panthers and St. Patrick-St. Vincent’s Bruins. Sean — despite receiving a big hit that apparently bruised his shoulder — was all over the field, making some good plays. Let’s just say that the announcer has said his last name often enough to know how to pronounce it. A couple of times he and his fellow teams ensured St. Pat’s ended up with negative yardage. Just like the Lodi game, this one came down to the wire. At the half, it was tied at 20-20. With Benicia leading 34-28, the Bruins got the ball on their own 25-yard line with 1:21 left in the game. The Bruins drove the ball into Benicia territory, and with 6 seconds left, St. Pat’s QB threw an interception which left 1 second on the clock. Sean told me this afternoon that he’s doing fine, but he sure toughed it out under the Friday night lights…


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