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a boy and his (first) car

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Chris' First Car

Chris’ Celica

Chris got his first car this weekend. He had begun to search Craigslist about a month or so ago, about the time he started working at Safeway. Though I had thought he’d want to wait longer, he was itching to get “something to work on,” even though he had yet to get his drivers license. So, we started looking. I couldn’t not believe what people tried to pawn off as “decent” or “good” cars within Chris’ price range. We look at one 1974 Toyota Corrolla that we should have been paid to take away! Then there was the 1990 Honda CRX in Pittsburg that had oil leaks, bondo over an entire front fender panel, cracked CV joint boots, suspicious wear on rear tire, a check engine light that was always on, and a non-working speedometer…and that’s only what I saw. But on a lark, we drove a bit further to Antioch after talking on the phone to the seller of a 1978 Toyota Celica GT (Chris adds more specifically that it’s an RA42 GT.) Apparently it was originally purchased by the father of the seller and has remained in the family since his passing four years ago. Sure, it looks like a 28-year-old car, but is in good shape and with a new carburetor, alternator, clutch, rear end, radiator, water pump and tires. (And everything except the radio is original…it even came with the original owner’s manual and window sticker!) Sure, Chris will have to put some work into the interior, and there a few things I’ve specified need to be fixed before he can drive it daily (including getting his license), but I think he found a good first car for a good price.


One thought on “a boy and his (first) car

  1. Nice looking car Chris. Grandpa K

    Congratulations and stay safe.

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