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did this fisherman die happy?

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From Helena Independent Record in Helena, Montana (May 20, 2007):

Helena Man Killed by Lightning
By Eve Byron, IR Projects Editor
     A Helena man died Friday afternoon after being struck by lightning while fishing on Canyon Ferry Reservoir.
Few details of the incident, including the man’s name, were available on Saturday.
     Broadwater County Sheriff Brenda Ludwig said onlookers watched as the man caught a fish about 3:20 p.m. Friday, “and the next thing they knew, he was struck” by lightning.
     The man was alone in his boat near the east shore of Canyon Ferry, across from the Silos.
     “It’s just a tragedy,” said Ludwig, who wanted to be sure all of the relatives had been notified before she released the man’s name. “The weather can come up on you so quickly. You really have to be careful.”

Since graphite is an excellent conductor of electricity, quite an argument for the avid fly fisherman to include a bamboo rod in his arsenal…


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