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can I carry fly rod on a motorcycle?

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It’s about time. Clearly, I’m no fan of rushing into things with two much plenty of research. And I would expect that people who know me, when asked for a description, might also call me a late bloomer. In the mail this week my new California driver’s license arrived with a class “M1” endorsement.

License with M1 EndorsementChalk it up to either of the above personality traits but don’t call it a mid-life crisis — if I live to 100-plus years old, right now I’m barely touching middle age. While my new endorsement that means I can ride a motorcycle of any size, there is no Ducati in my future. I view a motorcycle as more of an “enjoy the scenery” mode of transport.

I urge anyone considering obtaining a motorcycle license to do as I did: take the Motorcycle Safety Foundation class. In some states, completion of this class and the subsequent skills evaluation exempts one from the riding portion of the department of motor vehicles’ test. The exception is a bonus to the opportunity to become better acquainted with riding and learn some basic skills — particularly those related to accident avoidance.

I still had to go to the DMV to complete application form DL 44, give a thumb print, get a new picture taken (Note to self: Dress better and comb hair next time.), pay $27, pass a vision test, and pass a traffic laws and signs test. The test, however, was composed of the complete motorcycle traffic law and signs test as well as half of the regular driving law and signs. The bonus was that passing both tests earned me another four years on my license.

Can Santa fit a 2000 Honda Nighthawk 750 down the chimney?


One thought on “can I carry fly rod on a motorcycle?

  1. It’s about time, and yes, you can fit a fishing pole on a motorcycle. If you try hard enough, you can fit just about anything on a motorcycle. Good luck and happy riding. With the wind at your back, the world is yours to explore. Maybe some day we will ride together.

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