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fun with bass

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The pending release of the video game SEGA Bass Fishing got me to wondering why bass seems to be the most widely known — and not necessarily widely loved — of American fishes.

Here’s my list of possibilities.

• A trout fisherman is quiet. A bass fisherman is loud. The evidence is in three words: “largemouth bass fisherman.”

• A trout fisherman will creep up on and wade in a small stream. A bass fisherman will haul around a lake in a special-built 200-horsepower boat.

• A trout fisherman will cast soft hackle flies and let them drift with the current. A bass fisherman will hurl “poppers,” “chatterbaits,” and “crankbaits,” to name a few, into the water.

• A trout fisherman tries to fool trout into sipping flies. A bass fisherman looks for bass to “explode” on his lure.

• Trout is a bashful and graceful fish. Bass, well, are just plain mean looking.

…so, in the trout vs. bass battle, I’m afraid that bass will always win out when it comes to gaining the most attention.


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