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Want to feel more connected to the world? (In this sense, “world” means earth and her environs.) I would suggest riding a motorcycle.

After a few months of riding locally when the weather allowed, I put on my gear and left for work Monday morning. My only trepidation was the possibility of having to resort to lane splitting (not lane sharing).

Thankfully, the weather and traffic were great. It was fun taking the side roads out of Benicia and behind Vallejo. It still seems a bit odd to spool up to 5,000 RPM to keep up with traffic, but my little CB650SC easily keeps pace.

The connectedness one can feel with the outside world is pretty amazing; and it seems that motorcycling might just offer the last everyday adventure for the average Joe. Traversing Hwy 37 one can feel the temperature drop as you cross the marshes and rivers. You can smell the results of low tide as well as the recent plowing of the fields. Yes, it’s very cool.


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