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new blog on the block from the “other side” of the family

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Since my cousin was kind enough to give advance warning — and once and a while turns a funny phrase or two — we’ll give his new The Wanderings of GRYWHL blog a plug from the Konoske side of the family aisle.


There’s no doubt that Bill’s accounts of his and his wife’s wanderings down to and in the lower 48 from the “confined space” unabashed luxury of a thirty nine foot and eleven inch Itasca motor home will give rise to a bit of envy among we-who-still-must-earn-a-living.

Then, in only his second post, Bill shamelessly drives the stake a bit deeper…

For those of you that are wondering where we’re ultimately moving to, or whether we’re returning to Alaska, we’ve finally reached the point where we’re OK with saying that we just don’t know. Over the years, we’ve changed our minds so many times (I believe the official estimate was 463 at last count) that I think we’ve given friends and family mental whiplash, so we’re finally just saying that as soon as we know, you will too.

Wish we all could be that “OK.”

Thankfully, Bill’s blog will be countered with more truthful accounts complemented with alternative tales of their aimless trek across the North American continent by his wife’s four-month-old blog: Birding and Other Chatter.

See you in the blogsphere.


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