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One more hobby — and boatload of money — and I’ll be ready to retire.

As mentioned before in this space, fall’s close to the top in my list of seasons, and motorcycling in the crisp morning air with a glowing sunrise at my back is part of that greatness. I’m closing in on the first year anniversary of owning my bike and now that I’m back in the saddle after a month-long forced sabbatical, I’ve found that it’s another one of those things that prompts sudden smiles.

Those smiles turn into dreams about moving up from my vintage — yep, it’s 26 years old — 1982 Honda CB650SC to something a bit more contemporary. Preferably with locking hard saddlebags. The dream is a late ‘90s BMW R/R series bike or an even younger K/RS-series. Then again, if the price is right Honda’s ST1100 looks nice…  Like the Goldwing too, but a contemporary model’s out of my price range.  Regardless, gotta start saving the pennies.

While motorcycling gives me something to do throughout the year in sunny California, it’s more of a spring/summer/fall thing. Same goes for fly fishing. That means I need a winter hobby.

It’ll be a while before I can set aside money for myself — seems for now I’m ensuring my parents’ social security checks don’t bounce — but it’s never too early to start thinking. This is your chance to throw ideas in my direction as to a suitable winter hobby. But forget skiing. I already know about winter steelhead and can tie only so many flies. What do you think is a good rainy day hobby?

P.S. Flying to the tropics doesn’t count.


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