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end of a season

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It’s been a good year, trout-fishing-wise, that is. And tomorrow it’ll end in the Sierras with one last hurrah.

Sean and I will make a late-night run to the cabin with plans to spend Friday in the water. Maybe we’ll even hook some fish. If we don’t, it’s dinner at Diamondback Grill. And maybe a bit of manly video game action in the evening.

Saturday’s up in the air, but perhaps we’ll stop on the way home and hike to the Lower Stanislaus River, where there have been sightings of King salmon up to 30 inches. Can’t fish for ‘em but would be fun to watch.

BTW, nice sunny day here in northern California…so did the right thing. Rode the bike to work. Love that it now takes less than $7 to fill the tank!


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