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autographed copies available soon…but I’ll keep the day job for now


No, I won’t leave the three readers of my blog — the wife and mom and dad — in the lurch even though an article pounded out with my own fingers found its way into the December 2008 edition of the California Fly Fisher. (For my fly fishing friends who get the magazine, check page 38. It’s the one on fly fishing podcasts.)

There’s no online version, but if you catch me motorcycling down the road or walking the supermarket aisle, chances are I might just have a copy to show you.

One article doesn’t make a career, but it made my day to see my name above an article.


3 thoughts on “autographed copies available soon…but I’ll keep the day job for now

  1. Wow, that’s great. I doubt I’ll see you on the road motorcycling, but if you could send a copy out, I’m sure Dana would enjoy reading it, is available nationwide. What is the name of the magazine? I’ll be in Waldens this weekend, they may have it. Now, I really knew you when you were just an unknow young whippersnapper.

  2. Pat,

    Great review and round up of podcasts. This article made you famous on the Fly Fishing Weekly podcast. I gave my copy of California Fly Fisher to Todd. Now, not a week goes by without a mention of you and your rating system.

    Check out my blog entry using an iPod as fly fishing tool, including listening to podcasts. Another use, fly casting videos for on the stream tune-ups.

    John Ruberto
    Whiskey Creek Flies

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