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…and our cops are stuck with crown vics

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Lucky English coppers. picked up and expanded upon a Mitsubishi press release regarding the South Yorkshire (England) police department’s latest vehicular addition:

The South Yorkshire police just added a ten to their squad. No, that’s not a sexist statement about some new hire, it’s a reference to the new Mitsubishi Evolution X they just added to the fleet. Joining an already-intimidating Evo VIII and IX in the motorpool is a specially equipped X that should help keep the Road Crime Unit (RCU) ahead of the baddies. The Evo X should be more than adequate for tracking down drug dealers and car thieves by itself, but deployed as a pack, the trio of Evos will probably scare scofflaws into simply giving up the chase.


Not only it is a very cool ride, but it’ll be outfitted with an onboard Automatic Number Plate Recognition system that will the vehicle registration and alert officers if there is anything remotely suspicious about it. But I don’t think detective work is the main reason for this beast.

Read and drool see more here.

South Yorkshire Police's pack of Evos.

South Yorkshire Police’s pack of Evos.


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