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Just like the next person, I get a perverse guilty pleasure out of watching “COPS.” Now I have a off-season replacement, “Police Women of Broward County.”

“Police Women of Broward County” follows four female deputies — Deputies Shelunda Cooper, Ana Murillo, Andrea Penoyer and Detective Julie Bower — on and sometimes off duty, but since they’re dealing with your typical and everyday perps who seemingly haven’t learned a thing from the 20-plus years of “COPS” episodes, the reality in this show tends toward comedy.  (And yes, there’s no doubt that the camera is played to.)

The best part of all is that these Broward County Sheriff Deputies get away with cruel and unusual punishment. Sure, perps are tackled, thrown to the ground, and revealed as mental midgets, but the icing on the cake is the ride to jail in a goober mobile.

Alright, so it’s pimped out with the police lights, police sirens, police radios and other police accoutrements, but it’s still a minivan.

Now, if they can only put the perp alongside the goober viewing hole.

(Didn’t click on the link above to find out why “goober mobile?”  Go here and click on the play button.)


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