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In yet another example of my unwillingness to leave well enough alone, I’ve launched yet another version (v3.0) of my fly fishing club’s Web site.

I’ll be upfront here; I consider myself somewhere along the line of an adequate webmaster or decent weblackey. And though it didn’t have to be done, it wasn’t all that hard.

This is probably my fifth or sixth redsign of a Web site or blog. Modestly speaking, I think it is by far my best.

The subject of this post, the Diablo Valley Fly Fishermen Web site.

The subject of this post, the Diablo Valley Fly Fishermen Web site.
Wondering why the funky green line at the top of the pages?
Squint and you might just see a resemblance to fly line.

There’s sometimes too much said about creative use of white space, and I could justify its use here with the physical and psychological idea that text needs room to breathe and our brains need this breathing room to absorb the displayed information. I think it just looks good and lends quiet elegance to the design.

Yes, I’ve dropped the “fill every pixel” philosophy to instead trust that even dim intelligent visitors will find their way to the information they seek. A calculated but somewhat sparse placement of photos nicely balances with the content. The PaintShop Pro-aided addition of a plus sign to the attractive 40th anniversary patch easily extends it useful lifetime.

All this is a sly way of saying I wasn’t happy with the design crafted just about a year ago.

A week later, I still like this new design.

We’ll see how I feel in another 51 weeks.


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