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my fly fishing resolutions 2010

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I sort of figure that the best method to ensure that one keeps New Year’s resolutions is to make them fun, something you want to do. So, here it goes.

1.) Fish more this year.
2.) Carry less in my vest; only the necessary flies, leader, tippet, floatant, forceps and camera. Take the net only if I think I’ll need it.
3.) Spend more time concentrating on the small trout in the small streams at higher elevations, the ones where a cell phone absolutely, positively won’t receive a signal.
4.) Lose more weight that I’d care to fess up to, so I can hike into more of those higher elevation waters.
5.) Teach anyone who asks how to fly fish. Or at least point ‘em in the right direction.
6.) Find rivers or streams, or even stillwater, (and tactics) to fly fish near family in Snohomish County and King County, Wash.
7.) Learn to tie a wider variety of flies. And catch fish with those flies.
8.) Maybe, must maybe, build a fly rod…or at least start to build one. I’m thinking a 1 or 0 weight for those small, high elevation fish.
9.) Spend a bit more time in the Eastern Sierra during the late fall, on the Walker River system.
10.) A perennial favorite: Fish places I haven’t fished before. (Already set up for Eagle Lake.)

All definitely doable.


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