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pasta, garlic bread, salad, beer, Cancer magister, dessert, and something unexpected


The DVFF Crab Feed (& Officer Installation) ’10 is in the history books.

We enjoyed pasta, garlic bread, salad, various beverages (adult and otherwise), the honored entrée and three different cakes for dessert. The crab seemed sweeter this year and, as usual, our dining companions and conversation enjoyable. We told fishing stories, ate too much Cancer magister (The scientific name doesn’t sound as tasty, does it?), and anxiously awaited the raffle results. No catch and release crab eaters in this crowd.

Lulled into a semi-comatose state by full bellies and bottles of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, the business part of the meeting began. As asked, I’m taking pictures as our outgoing president thanks the various volunteers who manage the many worthwhile club programs and events. I join the rest of the board members and officers as we receive recognition for a year of service and most of us remain at the podium to be introduced as the 2010 contingent.

Then came funny warm feelings of surprise, shock, gratitude, and appreciation.

While like everyone else I enjoy the occasional recognition, much of what I do – again like many other people – I don’t do for recognition. It’s done because it’s something I can do or needs to be done, something I can improve upon, and hopefully something I enjoy.

Back to those feelings…rather than struggle to write prose that doesn’t sound prideful, I’ll let a picture do the talking. A big thank you to the Diablo Valley Fly Fishermen for the recognition!


2 thoughts on “pasta, garlic bread, salad, beer, Cancer magister, dessert, and something unexpected

  1. Congratulations on your award! Sounds like a fun time all around.

  2. Thanks…very surprising and fun time.

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