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facebook faux pas


No, I don’t gotta love Facebook.

Written on a fellow high school alumni’s Facebook wall a while ago by She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, about your writer, and only presented long after the act to protect identities:

Are you in touch with anyone from ––––––– High? ––––– ––––––– is about the only one I have kept up with. Pat Konoske sounds familiar to me but I can’t quite place him.”

I thought I took her to the prom. Was I that invisible?

My psychologist insists that I exist…


2 thoughts on “facebook faux pas

  1. As one who is rather unaccomplished and forgettable, I can feel your pain. Another way to look at it is that she clearly fell into a life of chemical abuse and simply has no capacity for remembering anything.

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