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money we’ll never see

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It’s no wonder we don’t see many c-notes around the homestead.

‘We estimate that as many as two-thirds of all $100 notes circulate outside the United States,’ said Bernanke, who stressed that the 6.5 billion in $100 bills now in circulation will remain legal tender.” …more

So it’s unlikely we’ll get up close and personal with the new $100 bill when it goes into circulation Feb. 10, 2011.

Nice and purty, ain’t it?

I’d be misguiding you, kind reader, to say that debit and credit cards have absolutely supplanted my need for cold hard cash.

There still are times when cash is king. Particularly at the general store closest to the best wild trout streams and manned by a local militia member. Inevitability that same store will display a sign ‘No Bills Larger Than $20 Accepted.’

I’ll leave the c-notes at home.


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