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a Christmas gift that gives twice

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Just when it seems I’ve got my fly fishing wants and desires whittled down to a select rod or five and the requisite reels, Kirk Werner, Mr. Unaccomplished Angler hisself, dangles a carrot by stepping up to auction on behalf of Casting 4 a Cure a pretty nifty package of fly fishing paraphernalia stuff.  Casting 4 A Cure brings together folks who love kids and fly fishing to raise funds for the International Rett Syndrome Foundation.

Included in the auction: Scandalous SticksCustom Fiberglass “Pygmy” Fly Rod (a 5-foot 6-inch 4 wt.), a Clear Creek aluminum rod tube and sock, a Redington Drift 3/4 Fly Reel (I have a few of their reels and like ‘em), a Fishpond Laurel Run Fly Box, the so-far complete series of Olive the Woolly Bugger books (signed by Kirk) and an Olive baseball cap, and the Tomorrow’s Fly Fishers DVD by Fanny Krieger. (Kirk offers a more detailed description of Rett Syndrome and the auction here.)

The eBay auction will run for another nine days and can be found here. Take a look and think about it. Rarely does a chance come along to feel good twice about buying me a Christmas present.


One thought on “a Christmas gift that gives twice

  1. Buy you a gift and support a charity? Seems like a win-win to me!

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