fishing for words

(and tossing out random thoughts)

what we see… (02/23/2011)

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  • Something for the fly fisherman who drifts nymphs (and who naturally tends to be a more imaginative fellow):
  • Local story of those who have transcended the desire to hook fish:
  • Despite my unaccomplished casting, I’ll be helping out this weekend (or used as an example of how not to cast):
  • What we saw during an aborted attempt at a long weekend away: 

One thought on “what we see… (02/23/2011)

  1. Hey Patrick. As the Ginsu commercial goes, wait, there’s more. I believe Twain Harte is about the same elevation as I am over here in beautiful Volcano, actually what they call “up on Shake Ridge” (3200ft). We are about get dumped on.


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