fishing for words

(and tossing out random thoughts)

what we see… (03/20/2011)


  • Perhaps this fly fishing apparel designer should seek an endorsement from fellow British Columbian and fly gal April Vokey?
  • Let’s hope this isn’t what Opening Day looks like:
  • …and a good reminder just before Opening Day (at least here in California):

2 thoughts on “what we see… (03/20/2011)

  1. Hi Patrick. See the photos from upcountry? Still icy.


    • Sure did. Time to be thankful the cabin is at less than 4000 feet. Still will have limited opportunities, but we’ll be able to chase some wild browns in a canal that looks more like a stream, as well as small wild rainbows in a nearby “Stream X” (11 miles out Forest Service roads). It’s small enough to not be impacted by runoff too much Thinking one spot I was hoping to visit will still be under snow, though. Looking forward to your Opening Day report(s).

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