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rooting for the little guy fly


There’s something so very American about rooting for the little guy who’s dreaming big.

Kirk Werner, aka Unaccomplished Angler and children’s book author, certainly seems to be one of those guys. [Insert joke about height here.] Ignoring what he might think of me, I consider him to be a shade more than a passing acquaintance, definitely a friend in the fly fishing fraternity, and now role model when it comes to unbridled ambition.

Olive the Woolly Bugger Hollywood Star

Maybe some day, Olive...

Kirk’s launched a campaign he hopes will lead to one or all of his books based on the character Olive the Woolly Bugger (also a little guy fly) being made into an animated movie. He might just have a shot. Just not for the obvious reasons.

It’s right there in his chosen moniker: Unaccomplished Angler.

Reading Kirk’s blog you’ll see that he’s certainly endured enough heartache at the fins of taunting trout. Though he doesn’t appear to display overt signs of depression, he’s suffered for his work like many a better-known author; possibly putting him in the company of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Samuel Clemens, Virginia Woolf, Robert Louis Stevenson and, fittingly for a children’s book author, Hans Christian Andersen.

And, in my humble opinion, the Olive books — to use industry buzzwords — offer nice pacing; quirky, likeable characters and interesting plot twists.

So, being sucked into Kirk’s delusion of grandeur, I’m not only dropping a little image into the side bar supporting Kirk’s efforts in the hope, but offering public words of encouragement.

It never entered my mind that there may be a commission if this all pans out.


3 thoughts on “rooting for the little guy fly

  1. Thanks for the support, Pat- this is how things get done: guerilla tactics should not be overlooked! And yes, I also consider you to be more than just a passing acquaintance. After all, you trespassed on my property, arriving in a rented car and snuck up on me while I was enjoying a quiet day working in my yard. And I’m glad you did. Where do I send the commission?

    • No need to send it…I’ll sneak up to your neck of the woods again, trespass and ruin brighten your day. Or, instead of a commission, perhaps a 5-wt. Sage ONE (I hear you’ve got connections.) with an Abel Super Series Quick Change reel with Rainbow Trout Matte Finish loaded with Airflo’s Sixth Sense floating line would do. And to protect it, perhaps enclose it in an Orvis Safe Passage Rolling Vented Duffle…I’ll pick it all to save you the shipping cost.

  2. You never know what can happen…maybe Nemo meets Olive. 🙂
    I’ve also posted the Olive Goes to Hollywood button on my parenting blog…I think it would be great if it came to pass…one has to think positively, after all. Isn’t that what fly-fishing is all about? 🙂

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