fishing for words

(and tossing out random thoughts)

what we saw last week… (2011-08-24)

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  • Yes, Virginia, an abundance of parasites can affect the wild salmon population. #
  • Three hundred or so three pound or so hatchery trout that won't make it the stream or lake… #
  • All u need 2 find trout from #Orvis #FlyFishing Guide Podcast: Foam is Home, Rocks Rock, Wood is Good, Made in the Shade. #
  • A good thing: Now a blind hero can (more readily) become a hero to the blind. #Daredevil #Comic #
  • Trouble on day-ticket water in England: bogus bailiff about. #
  • Hackers lash out at riders, not BART, after shutdown of BART’s *OWN* cell network that’s offered as a courtesy. Huh? #

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