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…and eventually they’ll plant banana trees next to former trout waters

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Us fly fishers can safely assume trout will be where we left them last season, but the clock ticked a minute closer to the Outdoor Apocalypse with the new version of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s “Plant Hardiness Zone Map.” Welcome news for gardeners at more northerly latitudes, to be sure, but I for one am not looking forward to roses and magnolias crowding the banks of Sierra streams any time soon.

And though the USDA website notes…

Climate changes are usually based on trends in overall average temperatures recorded over 50-100 years. Because the (new map) represents 30-year averages of what are essentially extreme weather events (the coldest temperature of the year), changes in zones are not reliable evidence of whether there has been global warming.

– via USDA Agricultural Research website

…the new hardiness map shows a decided shift north nationwide.

And while these warmth loving plants won’t give triffids any competition, by the time they show up next to my favorite trout waters, it’s likely the trout will be gone and the water rendered unfishable by an invasion of members of the Centrarchidae family.

The USDA interactive map can be seen here.


One thought on “…and eventually they’ll plant banana trees next to former trout waters

  1. I doubt I’ll be around to see that, but that’s OK, I lived in Florida for 8 years and saw my share of banana trees.


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