fishing for words

(and tossing out random thoughts)

what we saw last week… (2012-02-22)

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  • A species of chipmunks shifts 1,600 feet higher in the Sierras over last century. #
  • I’m certain one could fit #flyfishing around a visit to every one of Forbes’ Ten Top #Microbreweries Worth A Visit. #
  • Simms to sell direct starting next August. Targets “brand fans,” leaving other buyers to fly shops. #flyfishing #
  • Like the Dutch boy? Washington fights the pike-pocalypse in Columbia River tributary w/ catch-and-kill, gill nets. #
  • No statue of limitations? 78-year-old granddad revists the scene of poaching in 1960s, thrown in jail, 43 years later. #
  • Questionable study shows no remarkable change in Sierra Nevada snowfall over last 130, though variable year to year. #
  • Where’s her wading belt? Joan Rivers falls while trying #flyfishing Better she stick to bass, they like plastics… #
  • Maybe they wanted gear for Polish nymphing? Boulder PD arrests suspect – a Polish national – in Denver-area rod thefts. #

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