fishing for words

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a PSA that you’d better get up country to fish now


If you have any inclination to fish the high country in the central Sierra Nevada, now’s that time to get going.

The two pictures below of the a side channel of the Tuolumne River were taken from roughly the same position in the Tuolumne Meadows campground, looking toward Lembert Dome. The left-hand photo was taken last week (May 28, 2012). The right-hand photo was taken during late June 2011.

Tuolumne River 2012 vs 2011

You be the judge.


5 thoughts on “a PSA that you’d better get up country to fish now

  1. Wow! They said a picture is worth 1000 words and you just spoke a mouthful. Lack of rain, snowpack?

    • At that elevation, 9,000+ feet, it’s pretty much fed by snowpack, and there’s not much at all this year and the meadows are looking dry already (the main Tuolumne meadow was covered with water last year at this time).

  2. Yeh baby, it’s going to be a dry one this summer.


  3. I was there last July and the water was still too high in some places, just right in others. It’s stunning to see what changes a year (and a couple dozen feet of snowpack will do).

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