fishing for words

(and tossing out random thoughts)

part of the why there was no post last week


Hot Creek Brown (9/20/2012)

Small dry flies, nice fish. (Hot Creek Brown — about 13-14 inches — on size 22 Parachute Adams.)


6 thoughts on “part of the why there was no post last week

  1. Oh sure…blame it on the fish. You slacker.

  2. Seemed the right thing to do at the moment, Howard, even through the place we stay, rustic as it looks, is now in the path of full cell phone/data coverage. I wasn’t about to write something on that small keyboard…hard to do when one hand’s occupied by homemade beer.

    BTW, what’s the altitude of Boulder Creek? The fall colors in your recent photos seem in line with the aspens changing in the Eastern Sierra.

  3. As good an excuse as I could come up with. The picture tells it all.

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