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my trouble with fly rods


VapenApparently more and more fly rod builders are chasing customers younger than I can pretend to be.

My tenure in the sport isn’t long, but long enough to absorb more than a few old timers’ tales, tales in which rods are referenced by the manufacturer and either a simple model number or more elegant name reflective of fly fishing. Examples: older rods such as the Paul Young Perfectionist, the Phillipson Epoxite Registered Midge and contemporary models like Winston’s Boron series or Orvis’ Access and Clearwater lines.

But, according to Sage, there can be only ONE*. While the Orvis Helios implies it’ll imbue one with god-like powers on the stream, at least that name still has an indirect connection to fishing†. Two years later we have the new Vapen rod from Redington. Vapen? Look it up. The first few results in a search of the Internet will show its etymology is Swedish for “weapon.” A bit of an odd name for a niche of fishing that typically embraces a catch and not-kill-or-wound philosophy. Then there’s the Vapen Red, with a polymer grip, co-developed with a golf club grip company, that’s the color of Technicolor lipstick. Yes, correlations between golf and fly fishing are many, and fly rod development — as well as that of nearly all fly fishing accoutrement &msash; has always been about chasing and adapting the latest technology from other industries.

But I’ve been thinking about stepping up to a nice, and lighter, fly rod. Now, it seems, it’s all moving a bit too fast for me and getting, well, a bit too flamboyant and aggressive for my tastes.

Maybe I’m that is slowing down as the world speeds up around me. Perhaps I’m closer to “vintage” that I’d care to admit. After all, I remember when marijuana was the “evil weed.” My high school education included a typing class. And these days I increasingly have to explain my pop references to the staff I’ve hired.

Guess there’s little hope I’ll ever be hip on the stream.

The comments, as always, are now open.

* Is someone at Sage a “Highlander” fan?
† Helios, the Titan god of the sun and god of the gift of sight, lived in a golden palace located in the River Okeanos.


4 thoughts on “my trouble with fly rods

  1. Might I recommend for you, sir—he who is seeking to avoid flamboyant and aggressive while still pining for lighter rod—check out the Sage Circa. I picked up a 3 weight this year and it’s a dandy. Everything about it harkens back to an earlier time. Except the price. Your grandfather could’ve bought an Oldsmobile for the price of new, high-end fly rods.

    We just can’t win.

  2. I will echo Kirk’s endorsement for the Circa. I just tested it, along with the Click III reel and RIO Trout LT fly line on my site, Check it out. Thanks!

  3. I don’t remember marijuana being evil, but I did take typing in high school. It’s tough getting older, but wait until you get to Geezer.

  4. I’m officially anointing the title of Geezerhood upon you. I only fish glass, some old and some new. I don’t like the marketing of even what I consider the best of graphite. The way I look at it, at $600 or so dollars you’re buying a broom with a fancy name.

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