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the promise of wet weather


Keeping little guys comfy.

Keeping little guys comfy.

The yard was dusted with frost this morning and the drive to the office was made a bit more exciting by a patch black ice on the Petaluma River bridge. California’s in between storms and a chill has fallen from painfully clear skies.

There are now feet of snow in the Sierras – infinitely better than the inches anxiously counted last year – and a new hope. During the last few years of drought I’ve stayed away from my favorite skinny waters, those little streams where Mother Nature passionately paints trout with dazzling colors; wild fish willing take anything above or below the surface that looks like food.

The prospect of revisiting these little guys, who’ve likely faced struggles of their own with limited water, is exciting and worrisome. They’re physically small and sensitive. They’re not “hero shot” fish. And the creeks in which they live are too small to wade and deeply entrenched, with the occasional waterfall and deep scour pools.

Keeping these trout wet presents a problem. Perhaps it’s time to add a small photography aquarium, aka “photarium,” to my kit.

Here’s to hoping I’ll need to.


2 thoughts on “the promise of wet weather

  1. Hi Pat. Happy New Year. Went out to Lake Camanche this morning. It was 31 when I got there and I don’t think it got above 32 by the time I left at 1:00. Hope you have your hatches battened down. It’s going to be quite damp the next week or so.

    • Happy New Year! I had a taste of such temperatures during my early December trip to the east side of the Seattle area. My car’s temperature readout dropped to 34 ˚F as I passed Ashland, Ore., and never rose above that for seven days, until I was back in California. It dropped to 28 ˚F in Monroe, Wash., and when I visited Multnomah Falls outside Portland. My drive from Portland to Salem, the morning after a snow storm, took about two hours as the highway was a sheet of snow and ice. Hope you don’t get snowed in…at least not too much.

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