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what we see this Wednesday (2011-07-20)

  • Positive sign of growing interest in restoration of native trout? Only trout native to Lake Tahoe to make a reappearance. #
  • Genetically modified Atlantic #salmon may need help but new study shows they can breed and pass genes into the wild. #
  • Decline of king #salmon stocks moving up West Coast? First California, now limits on subsistence fishing in Yukon River? #
  • More good news for native trout: Gila trout introduced to Frye Creek (Arizona) #

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what we see this Wednesday… (2011-06-15)

  • A quick peek at some Eagle Lake action with fishing buddy Don last Sunday and Monday…thanks for the video Don. #
  • RT @yosemitenps: Tioga Road opens (with no services) on Saturday, June 18, at 8 am!
  • Love it or hate the store, it’s gettin’ real in the Whole Foods Parking lot… #