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moving on up


Checked today, and a search of “Konoske” shows this modest blog in the No. 3 position on Google and ranked No. 8 on Yahoo. Not too shabby for a domain that’s only been around for less than two years.

My blog is just behind the San Diego law firm of Shifflet, Kane & Konoske where Gregory Konoske, a first cousin once removed, practices in the areas of general civil litigation and insurance fraud. The Web site (Konoske Photography and No. 1 on Google) is owned by former skateboarder, now automotive photojournalist and my second cousin Brian Konoske.

Then there’s the ZoomInfo summary for Michelle Konoske, who seems to be the CFO at The Towbes Group Inc., but I don’t know if she’s related to me.  Further down the list is my first cousin once removed Jim Konoske (removed from what I do not know) with his Web site for Jim Konoske Consulting; the well-published Paula Konoske, a lecturer in the Department of Psychology at San Diego State University and another first cousin once removed; and, finally, there’s another ZoomInfo summary for another first cousin once removed, Vince Konoske, who apparently has been a teacher in the Ocean View School District (Huntington Beach, Calif.) and a principal in the Poway (Calif.) Unified School District. Also somwhere in the Yahoo list is the bizarre ”Konoske” character listed on the Who’s Who of the CrossGen Universe…whatever the heck that is.

Now, who do I pay to be ranked No. 1?


2 thoughts on “moving on up

  1. That’s pretty cool! Thanks for thinking of me.

  2. Why am I beginning to think that if the Konoske Clan had a reunion, the earth’s axis might shift? And why were all these cousins removed? Was that to preserve the stability of the earth’s orbit?

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