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lodi@benicia (27-34)

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What a game…the ball went back and forth between the teams too many times! And I would say (and Sean would probably agree) that the Panther defense stepped up quite a few times. Sean also had a good game again…a big open-field tackle against the Lodi Tigers during the first quarter that I would dare say set up Benicia for a score. Then just before the end of the first half, he forced a fumble that was recovered by a teammate.  Throw in a handful of tackles and assists, and it was a very good effort and a lot of hustle. It was a squeaker during the last eight minutes and the balls switched hands three times and Lodi could have scored a touchdown and PAT to win the game. But during those last minutes and in the end, the Benicia Panthers won 27-34.

The Tackle.

The Tackle.


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