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apples and spinach

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Autumn officially began for me Saturday…a week earlier than specified on the calendar. I mark the start of autumn with a visit to Apple Hill. It came a bit early this year as we plan to make two trips. I guess purchasing 10 gallons of apple cider gets a bit ridiculous considering my favorite apple farm is only a couple hours away. We picked up only two gallons this time, and I — and anyone else who wants to join me — will head back up “the hill” again during the next few months to lay in my year’s supply of cider.

It was a beautiful day to visit Apple Hill and we definitely missed the crowds. In fact, it was so quiet that not all of the crafts people had opened shop. Even the ol’ Mexican guy who creates “paintings” using only spray paint was missing. But it was a good visit. Even tasted an apple variety I haven’t seen before, called “Elstar.” Tastes like a combination between Fuji and Pippin. Pretty darn tasty. Of course, we visited Bolster’s Hilltop for the cider and Mill View Farm for turnovers, a dumpling and cider doughnuts (and delivering half a dozen doughntus to Sean on the way home). Before we knew it, it was time to head home.

Now, “Where’s the spinach?” you might ask. During the drive home we stopped at CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) for some great hummus and dinner. I initially ordered the “White Pizza,” which the menu described as being made with mozzarella, fontina, ricotta, parmesan and pecorino romano cheeses with garlic and — oops! — fresh sautéed spinach. Alas, no spinach!  …sigh…  I chose something else (Goat Cheese with Roasted Peppers) and was quite happy with it!


One thought on “apples and spinach

  1. That’s sounds like a lot of fun. It’s getting really beautiful up here, but not all the trees have turned yet. I’m really enjoying these emails, kind of like our “talks” we used to have every day. Have a great day. Pati

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