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fairfield@benicia (27-20)

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Though the Panthers couldn’t sustain their winning streak, I think Benicia’s defense has every reason to be proud of their performance. The defense not only score almost half of the Panthers’ points (8 points on a touchdown and safety), but it make the Fairfield Falcons earn every point. It was a seesaw game into the half, with the score at 20-20. As usual, Sean was in the thick of it, stopping or helping to stop the run numerous times. In the end, it was a fumble by the Panthers offense with less than two minutes on the clock that sealed their fate. Unfortunately, as has happened in games before, Sean end up nursing his arm through the last quarter. After a visit to the doctor, it was determined that he’s feeling the efforts of typical football injury, commonly called “stingers” (medically referred to as brachial plexus injury). While he will attend practice, he’s supposed to stay away from contact for most of the week. Let’s hope all’s well next week, when the games begin to count!


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