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another fishing tale


Guess I’m getting to know the fishing grounds of the Eastern Sierra. I’m no expert, but any means, but I passed what I know to a co-worker and he ended up enjoying a fishing trip to the “Eastside.” This tale is excerpted below:

…we released everything we caught. The Walker is very low at this point. There were a couple of sizeable pools right by the campground, but those two were the only ones we really found, at least at the West Walker. I caught four 10-12 inch rainbows at those pools with a small, black Panther Martin.

We tried a couple of other spots with no luck, but finally had some solid bites on powerbait at the lower Twin Lake. I caught three decent-size rainbows at the lake.

The most exciting, however, was the East Walker in Bridgeport. The East was very low as well, but I found a pool about four feet deep downtown. I saw a few small fish hovering at the surface, and on the first cast (a small gold spinner) I saw a ferocious 12-incher chasing the lure. It bit and, voila, I had my first Brown. I ended up catching five more fish, mostly browns and one bow.”

I’d said they had a good first experience in the Eastern Sierra…


2 thoughts on “another fishing tale

  1. Who is the co worker? Pati

  2. That would be Patrik (no “c”)…he’s been here a couple of years now, working with Craig.

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