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last “boys’ trip” for a while…?

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With Sean graduating this year and Christopher closing in on his 18th birthday, I have a sneaking suspicion that our trip last December might be our last trip together, probably for a long while at least. College, jobs, friends and girlfriends loom on the horizon, and as we all know, they slowly begin to take priority — however slight — over the ol’ parents. It was a fast trip, with Sean and me sharing the driving, so we drove each way in a single day. It was great to see mom and dad as well as Mark and Kenna, and for the first time, nephews/cousins Kaden and Levi. It took a while for Kaden to warm up to these strangers who had invaded grandpa and oma’s house, but before we left he was having a blast knocking his dad and uncle Pat to the floor and seemed to really latch onto Sean, despite the fact that Sean is 10 times bigger than Kaden. We spent a lot of time visiting, along with the typical tourist jaunt to Seattle. (Thanks to Christopher for sharing pictures from his new camera!)


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