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Sean on the court

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Sean played in the Seniors vs. Faculty basketball game last night.  He rattled off some post-game figures…something like six minutes of playing time, a number of steals and a respectable number of goals.  (Thank God he didn’t break anyone’s wrist! …but that’s another story.)  It was a fun game, with the staff taking the lead early and never relinquishing it.  I did a double-take, however, in the last quarter…the clock had ticked down to less than a few minutes…suddenly it was back at 6:00.  Gotta keep your eyes on those high school kids!  The faculty won, but it was all smiles afterwards. 

My apologies in advance for the quality of the photos below.  I had to use a “sport” setting, which combined with the fluorescent lighting, lead to some graininess.

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