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stocking the fly box


Flies, flies and more flies. I was lucky enough to pick up some flies tied by other members of the Diablo Valley Fly Fisherman club during Tuesday night’s auction. (Even got some hints from a “fishmaster” about some flies that might do well on Putah Creek, our only local trout water.)

But I’ll tell you what…I’m going armed with a bit more cash next year if this fly fishing thing takes root. Gear was generally going for the equivalent of half the retail price, and it was for a good cause. It’s also great to experience the sincere “hellos” from club members, which helps dispel the myth that fly fisherman are a snobbish bunch with expensive equipment. I’m already saving pennies for next year’s auction!

A few flies from the auction.

A few flies from the auction.


2 thoughts on “stocking the fly box

  1. So, can you tell me what having a hobby is like? 🙂

  2. Well, maybe I can explain it to you in about, say, 18 years or so?

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