fishing for words

(and tossing out random thoughts)

the insanity of it all

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It just makes the brain hurt.

As erstwhile Alaskan cousin Bill points out, PETA’s begun a campaign that turns our formerly lovable feline companions in to blood-slurping cannibals. If not in reality, at least by name. PETA wants fish – a nutritional favorite of many a cat – to henceforth be called “sea kittens.”

We worry about terrorists training young children to unwittingly hate and kill. Now PETA, in a viciously clever manner, targets children who know no better in the hope that they will involuntarily imbue fish with cuddly characteristics, riddling these kids with guilt at the very mention of fish as food. Maybe the “war on terror” now has a domestic target.

Brainwashing of children? Maybe. Stupid? Yes.


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