fishing for words

(and tossing out random thoughts)

riding against the rain

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The first chance for appreciable rain in the “Athens of California” is forecast for Halloween night. And our fall weather pattern has settled in, with the rays of dawn struggling to slip through the fog. Faced with the wet stuff and signs of winter on the horizon, it was time to make tracks.

Warmed up the bike and chased my shadow on the way to work.

The microclimates of the Bay are no more evident than during the fall. Crossing invisible and mystical borders can nearly instantly bring one out of cold swirling mist and into crisp clear sunshine.

No fool here. Liners installed in my over pants keep the legs warm. Jacket zipped up tight. A lesson was learned, however, as to the value of heated handgrips.

Keep your coffee. The wonder of a beautiful morning marked by the crisp autumn air, a low hanging but bright orange sunrise and the companionship of hundreds of birds flying over the marshes shouldering my path serve me just as well.

Three thousand miles down. Many more to come.


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