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how they fish in Crivitz, Wisc.

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This snarky little item recently graced my inbox (with a friend suggesting it might be the ultimate evolution of the float tube.):

I was going to build the Gazebo on the edge of my dock down by the lake but I thought…I might just as well build the deck with floats on it and I can then take it out fishing too…has a 15,000-pound capacity.

The deck is 18 feet x 18 feet with 12 plastic foam filled dock floats that are 4 feet x 4 ft feet x 18 inches high, and the Gazebo is a 10-foot hexagon with a table and chairs.

Inside, under the table is my trolling motor so I can take it out to my favorite fishing hole. The trolling motor is remote controlled so I can fish outside and operate the motor. On top of the table I have a Lowrance fishfinder with depth sounding sonars and temp gauge. I have two electric winches with 40-pound anchors.”


One thought on “how they fish in Crivitz, Wisc.

  1. It’s lavish and all – I especially like the hanging shrubbery – but it doesn’t leave a lot of room for a backcast, and I think it would have trouble on many skinny rivers.

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