fishing for words

(and tossing out random thoughts)

manly fishing and food


By now you know that the Older Son and I are likely having a heck of a time. We’re headquartered at the cabin, fishing a few rivers and small streams for trout. Maybe even tainting our lines to chase bluegill and bass in a nearby pond.

During the fishing there will be manly bonding that can only come over fierce friendly competition; competition that likely will be won by guile and cunning rather than youth and strength. In between fishing there will be a visit to our favorite hamburger place. Thankfully, forecasts portend fantastic spring weather. Yeah, a heck of a time.

I can feel your sympathy.

Without a decent laptop, much less a reliable connection to the interwebs, any updates will erratic or nonexistent. In the debate of fishing vs. blogging, well, you can guess the loser.

More words — and taunting — to come. Just can’t say when.


3 thoughts on “manly fishing and food

  1. Gosh, Pat, I thought you were in TH for the
    Don’t Let the Dogs Out” activities this Saturday. Fishing…..I’m amazed!

  2. Can you feel my envy?

  3. Yes, I can even feel it here at the cabin…

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